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French fan

Shibari rope bondage expert with creative nipple play technique

Review is In English (above) and In French (below)

Being lucky enough to be in Paris at the same time as Mistress Amrita, it did not take me long to contact her to plan a session.
Even with health related limits, she was very willing to session with me and made everything in her power to make it happen.
Mistress Amrita made me feel comfortable as soon as I met her and she was very friendly to communicate with.
Regarding the session, I was impress by the wide variety of bondage positions I ended in. Feeling her japanese ropes running around my body, arms, wrists and ankles was a very nice sensation. She really masters shibari techniques.
Once tied up, Mistress could play with the helpless prisoner I was. In order to not be disturbed by my moanings, she first gagged me. Once again, the gag was as effective as nondisturbing.
Mistress Amrita then tortured my nipples in a very creative and efficient way. I was happy to discover very effective toys she used to torment me. My nipples hurt a few days after that treatment.
To conclude I can only recommend Mistress Amrita skills and wish you to be lucky enough to experience one of her bdsm sessions.

-En francais-

Ayant la chance de me retrouver à Paris en même temps que maitresse Amrita, je n'ai pas hésité longtemps avant de la contacter pour envisager une session.

Malgré les limites liées à ma santé, elle a été très réceptive à ces contraintes et a accepté quelques arrangements pour que notre session soit possible.

Maîtresse Amrita a su me mettre à l'aise dès le début de notre rencontre et la communication s'est faite très facilement.

Pour parler de la séance à proprement parler, j'ai été impressionné par la variété des positions de bondage dans lesquelles j'ai pu me retrouver immobilisé. Les cordes japonaises de maîtresse Amrita sont très agréables au contact et elle les maitrise à la perfection.

Une fois ligoté, maitresse a pu jouer avec le docile prisonnier que j'étais. Afin de ne pas être dérangée par mes gémissements, elle a commencé par me bâillonner. Là encore quoique très efficace, le bâillon n'était ni trop intrusif ni trop désagréable.

American fan

Fantasy wrestling and rope bondage- great combination!

Was fortunate enough to have a session with Amrita a few days back when she was visiting my location. Had read some of the reviews and thought it best to go to her website and check out her session page. It is very similar to Club-Q in Japan, no fighting back, pretty much fantasy only. I don’t have an issue with fantasy only, in recent years that seems to be the type I prefer more and more. In any case I made the appointment and gave her a brief description of my type of session, to which she agreed. When I arrived at her hotel the beautiful Japanese mistress greeted me and we once again went over my session request so she and I would be on the same page. I had asked for a scissors domination, bondage session. I have never had a bondage session before, and with someone of her level of expertise, it was inevitable that I see her in action. She did not disappoint and she soon had me bound from chest to toes and applied one submission hold after another. Her scissors are surprisingly strong, she is much stronger than she looks. She would alter the variety of bondage so that different body parts were available for her to put in submission holds and at the same time allowed her to show off her skills. She took the time to make sure I was happy with the way the session was going. Before I knew it the session was over and I had endured her amazing display of wrestling and bondage skills.

Overall if you are looking for a strictly fantasy session with a beautiful well-traveled Japanese mistress I highly recommend Amrita to you.

English Fan

Mistress Amrita is fantastic

When I first contacted Mistress Amrita about blackmail sessions on Skype, the scenario (details of which I won't go into, as they are too personal) was discussed over emails until it was completely clear what I was looking for. I was originally looking for a long-term blackmail arrangement over Skype with personal meeting mixed in. Unfortunately, due to a change in my personal circumstances, I was only able to have 4 Skype sessions with this wonderful, Mistress. I enjoyed them all thoroughly. I'd never entered into a blackmail situation before, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I gave over some personal info to Mistress Amrita (including contact details for friends & my work), although this isn't a necessity. It just makes the whole thing a bit more enjoyable. Mistress Amrita wasn't what I'd call strict during our sessions (although I'm sure that she could be if that was what was required) but it was made very clear about who was in control during the sessions. Any step out of line & I was threatened with the revealing of the secret information that I had given to her. Mistress Amrita is fantastic. I only regret that I wasn't able to have an in person session with her. As I said, my personal circumstances have meant that I can no longer have sessions with Mistress Amrita, however, if my situation does change, then I will be looking to have regular session with her again.

British Fan

She is a very beautiful, friendly person and her English is excellent

I had seen Amrita on her own web site. I thought that she looked very nice in the photos. I decided to give it a go and booked a session with her in Amsterdam. I must say that when I saw her in person she was even more beautiful, in a very natural way. It was impossible to find any fault whatsoever - lovely face, long feminine black hair, curvey body, nice legs and nice height. I quickly asked if I could increase my session from 2 hours to 3 hours, after assurance from Amrita that she would be able to keep me occupied throughout.

I started with a fantasy wrestling session lasting for about an hour. I was misled by her legs, which looked quite slim and shapely. When she raps those legs around your head or waist you are soon gasping for air - you can feel the muscles of steel as she contracts them. I have tried fantasy wrestling a couple of times before and I certainly have never been put in the variety of holds that Amrita put me in. Sometimes I was being tied in knots, sometimes my head was being pulled back - she athletically kept me in total control throughout. She even trampled all over me (although I did ask for it).

After we had decided that Amrita was clearly the winner, we moved into the domination phase. I like being restrained and I had tried Japanese rope bondage but it always seemed to take a lot of time doing all the knots and stuff. I thought that with a Japanese lady, I had to try Japanese rope bondage and she certainly did not disappoint me. During our session, she tied me in three or four positions - hands behind back, hands over head and then complete body on the floor, so I could not do anything. She was able to do all this rope bondage very quickly, so that she could concentrate on torturing her helpless victim - the fortunate me !! I was a little worried about the domination phase as Abondance has a reasonable amount of equipment, but it cannot be considered a full dungeon. However, Amrita had a bag which she kept pulling things out of and then using on me. All the areas I had asked her to consider for her domination were done - CBT, nipple torture, restraint, wax, electro, light anal and even talking softly to me in Japanese. I wanted mild domination, but I do not like safe words as I like to feel the power transfer to the mistress. Amrita was very good at knowing how far to take things, while still pushing the limits.

I have tried longer sessions sometimes before, but have found that the mistress runs out of ideas or energy or enthusiasm. One can certainly say that this was not the case with Amrita - she put a lot into the session and was always changing things around, just when you thought it was safe.

It was certainly a very memorable three hours with Amrita. I was very happy with everything, but sad to leave. I can certainly recommend a session with Amrita to anyone. She is a very beautiful, friendly person and her English is excellent. Like me, you will be dreaming about her for a long time after the session.

English Fan

The most amazing bondage I have ever experienced

It was without doubt the most amazing bondage I have ever experienced (and I have had quite a few sessions!!). The intensity was incredible.

I still shudder with delight every time I think about you pulling that final rope when you hog-tied me and pulling my feet up tightly towards my body.
The way you gagged me was just perfect. Very tight and restrictive but not to the point where I couldn't breath or it felt uncomfortable.
The third & final tie, when you added tape over my body and my stocking hood was just wonderful.

I could stay in your bondage.
It was the fifth time I have been in your bondage and I love it more & more.
You are a beautiful and expert rope Mistress and I really look forward to you being back in the town so I can see you again.

Thank you so much for making my deepest fantasies a reality.

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