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German Fan

Short but intense single (ball) kick knockout

This is your special treatment! Only a few mistresses have the power, precision and profound will to do it. I was longing for it for such a long time and you had a lot of feministic fun doing it. This is: at the end of a softer session you made me collapse on the floor with a single ball kick!

Your kick was so hard that you put me out of commission right away and let me whimper on the floor in pain. I didn't see your face because I was on the floor face down and with tears in my eyes, even seeing stars but I imagine you had a wide smile on your face expressing your well deserved enjoyment for your great victory over me.

German Fan

Wrestled, punched and kicked below the belt

With ten years off experience in martial arts (chin. Wing Chun, three years in Judo) and a lot of cross-training with good Kickers (Karate, Kickboxing) and Grapplers (Wrestling, Ninjitsu, JiuJitsu, Aikido) I am used to a "high standard" in submission fighting. However, you Amrita met all my highest expectations in Femdom wrestling and made me the present of a wonderful CFNM ground fighting experience.

I could feel from your movements that you apply all your holds and grabs with intuitive easiness this enables you to attacks fast and get a good grip of your opponent quickly. At first, you pinned my down to the floor and trapped both my arms with one hand just for your second hand to reach between my legs and grab my balls! Then, you applied a stretched arm bar between your legs (juji-gatame), changed to other arm bars, powerful headlocks and strangleholds, event strangleholds with your legs (leg scissors).

During all that actions, you conducted excellent technical skills and fast movements that gave me no chance to escape. When I tried to escape from one hold, you reacted quickly and put me in an even more powerful hold. But the very best has yet to come: you combined your wrestling with highly effective attacks on my bare balls! For example, you applied an arm bar, opened up my legs and locked them in a wide spread position and then kicked the helpless genitals dangling between my wide open legs with your heels.

The other moment you took my head/throat in a figure-4 leg hold, spread my legs and grabbed and squeezed my balls really hard. During this, you controlled my arm with your hips, so I could not protect my balls with your hand. I remember you commented this with the words "You cannot reach your balls!" and went on squeezing them. At that time, I was extremely aroused and had a real hard on. But you wouldn't notice and it was not the time for a man to be proud of his stiff cock my standing member just gave you the advantage of an easy access to my dangling man eggs! Just as you liked you either squeezed both balls in your strong hand or focused on a single ball for digging your finger nails in this poor sperm gland of mine - like a tigress claw! You also slapped my exposed balls
and made my sing soprano.

Time after time I tried to close my legs in order to protect my balls but you forced them open with your professional wrestling moves! This went on for something like twenty minutes. Every time I resisted, you put me in an even harder hold, including a dangerous knee breaker hold and squeezed my balls at the same time. Then, you applied the "Japanese Kick" that is a stomp kick while I was still on the floor and you spread my legs wide open with your hands. Then, you forced me in a doggy-style position and kicked my bare balls hard from behind.

When you kicked my really hard, I was jumping around with my but and sac up into the air like I don't know what in order to reduce the impact of your kicks. But it wouldn't help with your final kick you made me curl up on the side, double over on the floor in a fetal position, holding my balls and being paralyzed throughout my entire male body - being helplessly at the feet of my grand ultimate mistress.

German Fan

BEATEN and BUSTED for good measure by Mistress Amrita

I had my 2nd session with Mistress Amrita.

To say it in one word: INCREDIBLE.

Before the session we discussed my session interests and the fetishes I want to do during our meeting. We wrote a few E-mails and worked out an roleplay scenario that could work for it. My main fetishes should be mixed wrestling,

ballbusting, facesitting, tease and denial and humiliations at the end.

Finally I took the role of an burglar and Amrita the role of the defending woman in her hotelroom. (btw. we met in a first class hotel)

Therefor I wore a mask and a play gun(toy) with black clothings. Amrita was dressed in a small binki with a string only, that really looked very sexy.

We started the roleplay and I took the money from the table. Amrita interupted me and I forced here to stay at the bed with my gun. I searched for more but couldn't find anything. She in fear of my gun asked me to leave with the money. Of course as a stupid burglar I wanted more but couldn't find anything. So I thought it would be a good idea to have fun with her. I left the play gun on the table and began touching her ass, and I can do anything with her cos I am much stronger and bigger than her. Once again I slapped her ass, in this moment she grapped my head and forced me down on the bed. In only a few seconds the roles had changed and I was under her and could do nothing. I really tried to defend myself and to fight back, but it was to no use. Amrita is so fast and strong, usually I couldn't do anything against her. What happened the next hour was an one sided wrestling match, even though I was much taller and heavier than her. After two minutes she had me in her first side scissor and that was really tough.

After twenty seconds I tapped but she didn't care. I asked her to stop and she squeezed harder. She really squeezed the tears out of my head and crushed my windpipe and I was close to beeing knocked out. After that she took my arm and really overstretched it between her legs, that really hurted my whole right side. Than another figure four around my neck and a reversr headscissor afterwards. She really squeezed the life out of me, and with that my male pride and ego. I cant tell how often I begged her to stop. In silly sttempts I tried to reach my gun at the table, but to no use of course, The only use was that Amrita increased the intensity and therefor my pain. Than she planted her delicious ass on my face for the first time, and started to attack my groin and squeezed my semi ercet cock and ballsack.

She started gentle but slowly increased the pressure of her squeezings or the speed of her ballslaps. That was so humiliating as well as her dirty talk. What she easily could do to me or how funny it was to hear me suffer or begging for mercy. And I begged more than one time. One highlight was her groin drum solo. Therefor Amrita forced my legs behind her arms while sitting on my face or chest. Than she begins to slap ass, cock and ballsack and increases speed and intensity. She really made me sing soprano cos this is really painful and I could do nothing against it. And so it went on. Amrita on top me in unfaithful attemps to defend myself. I lost everytime and everytime shedished out more pain. I cant write everything here it would be too long. Only one example: I was on all fours and begged her to stop, but Amrita simply took my head between her legs bent herself forward so she could reach my weak man possesions. For the attack she squeezed my neck with legs, her whole bodyweight on top of me, focing me down.

My knees were wide apart and she started punching my sack from behind. It was so hard I really start crying and again begged for mercy but she didn't. Amrita just attacked deadly and relentless and kept me in a world of pain. I could even see her face with her deadly smile as she punched in the groin again and again. And so it went on till I was exhausted and beaten totally. At the end of our first part she asked me to be her slave for the next our and of course I agreed. But as you can imagine that was very humiliating and painful too. She changed in a dominanent outfut for me, which also looked great and very sexy. And then she sarted the domination part, but this is another story...

At the end I was really busted and humliated. I lied on the ground for 5 minutes but I got everything I wished for. After all the session lasted (session itself was 90minutes but she did not count the time for a short shower and small talk afterwards) nearly 2 hours eventhough we only agreed for a 90 minutes session, so Amrita is definetly no clockwatcher. She is really great and a true amazon princess, and an interesting personality as well. She was even interested in my fetish modeling work afterwards.

If you have read till here take your chance when she will visit your town and book a session with her. If you don't do it you will miss a great opportunity!!!

German Fan

I felt like I lost control of my manhood because she had me by the balls!

I have been dreaming about femdom and ballbusting for many years. When I found Mistress Amrita on the internet, I dreamed of booking a session with her. But I was too shy, I mean, getting ballbusted in your fantasies is one thing, but in reality? I was drawn back and forth, and finally mailed to Mistress Amrita. I asked for a soft session and Amrita confirmed me a “vanilla session” (that’s how she calls that kind of thing). Ok, I prepared for meeting her in a hotel, and the time waiting for the day to come was very hot and exiting to me! On the scheduled day, the hours before we met, I was very nervous and close to cancelling everything. But I had never been closer to a real femdom session – and I knew: If I had cancelled that late, I’d offended Amrita and she wouldn’t give me a second chance! So, I took the pains and sustained the nearly endless excitement and fear.

Then, it happened: I got a text message from Amrita, ordering me to arrive at her hotel room within the next 10 minutes. When I knocked on the door and she opened, I could hardly hear her words, as I heart was beating so loudly. But Amrita let me in and gave my time to relax. She talked to me very politely and listened to my wishes. When the session eventually started, Amrita ordered me to undress. And while I was naked, with my precious manhood exposed to her arrogant, yet charming, look, she begun with very private, dirty talks about ballbusting. She asked me to tell her my feelings about ballbusting, my real-life experiences and, most interesting to me, she told me about her own experiences as a ballbuster. I learned about an occasion when she kicked a man in the balls – right in the streets of Tokyo! And I was not sure if I should be jealous about this ”ballbustee”-guy or be happy that it was not me who got busted so humiliating in public!

Amrita even told me about real crimes and domestic violence committed via ballbusting (actually, she has slaves all over the world who do research for her on the internet). For example, there was a 70-year old grandma in Australia, a former Olympic athlete, who was attacked by a young, male intruder in her home… and she just kneed the attacker in the groin and fought him off! Also, she explained me an occasion from China, in which a struggle between a man and a woman became cruel. During the dispute, the woman grabbed the man by the testicles and squeezed hard – and this eventually caused the man to die! While telling me this, Amrita grabbed my naked balls and gently squeezed them. Even though she paid attention to my being a novice in this game and controlled her force gently, I could feel her power by just “having me by the balls”.

She went on with verbal tease, like telling me “I got your life in my hand” or “Your precious balls are totally exposed to me, and you can do nothing…” and I was terribly exited. And I couldn’t hide it – my boner grew rock hard in front of her eyes while she had me by the balls, lead me through the room by my balls and so on… It took not much time till I couldn’t control my feelings, signaled her with a helpless cry “Uhhh, I’m co….ming…” and the very contents of my balls spurted out of my pulsing cock! I felt like I lost control of my manhood because she had my by the balls! And I feared to accidentally shoot my cum all over Amrita’s beautiful body and dress. Because I was well aware that she had forbidden me to dribble or shoot any of my heavily overflowing juices over her! Good luck that Amrita had a condom at hand, so I was saved from making a total mess and getting further punished by the Mistress.

My conclusion: Despite my initial fear, the session with Amrita fulfilled me a dream. So, even for a very soft lover of the ballbusting fantasy, like me, who cannot sustain a real CBT or other SM-torture, Amrita’s treatment was perfectly right!

Thank you so much, my Mistress!

German Fan

An exciting femdom wrestling experience with ballbusting

Wow Amrita, you managed to present me a big surprise!

When I made contact with her and arranged a wrestling session, I had a doubt if a Asian woman like her could really give me what I was looking for: An exciting femdom wrestling experience with ballbusting included, on a level a trained guy like me expects it. Although some years ago, I once had learned Judo and later trained other martial arts, including cross-training with Karate, Ninjutsu and WingChun guys. So, when I met Amrita in person in her Hotel room, I still had a doubt if this nice and small lady could really handle a “big guy” like me in wrestling?

Ok, I was no expert in ground fighting, but hey, I had good basics in stand-up fighting and some sparring experiences in grappling and ground fighting. So, compared to the average client of Amrita, I rated myself as an expert fighter.

But when the fight started, I had to learn a total different lesson! Amrita literary surprised me and made me disappointed. Off course, she didn’t disappoint me with her skills, but she made me being disappointed of my own fighting power, instead. In fact, the lady pushed and pulled my around on the bed like a toy puppet. Although I was fighting back, she got me into several wrestling holds very easily. Her actions where quick, smooth and forceful - no matter how I reacted, she always was able to grab hold of an arm or leg of mine, or even got my throat in a chokehold. It was a quite unknown experience and made me feel uncomfortable at first – being so helpless under control of a woman! But then, I realized that this was exactly what I had dreamed of. I felt Amrita’s pure female power, and it turned me on.

I really tried to fight her off, as far as the rules of our consensual session would permit, and sometimes I thought like “hey, I got you babe, I escaped from your hold and now I prepare my counterstrike”. However, Amrita managed to nullify all my attacks and made use of any of my offensive movements to trap me into another hold of hers. So, she would choke me with her arms, and when I moved around a lot and tried to escape with force, my throat would happen to end between her tights in a leg scissors. At another occasion, she would control me with an arm bar I reminded from Judo class, and then she would sit on my back and use a back stretching hold altogether with a choke from behind, leaving me in a very helpless position I had formerly known as a spectator of Japanese wrestling on the internet. If I tried to get my head out of the way and pointed my legs towards her, trying to get her into a leg scissors or using some quick kicks to distract her, she got hold of my leg and put it into a painful knee-break lever.

So, the wrestling match lasted just 5 minutes or so, and I had to admit that Amrita was the tougher fighter who could defeat me. Besides the disappointment over my own weakness, it really turned me on as she applied techniques to me that were the same professional holds I had seen in pro-wrestling matches and I had remembered from my active Judo time. Very soon, I felt how the match did exhaust me, so my physical power vanished and Amrita would have defeated my anyway just by making me tired till I would give up exhausted (every choke cost me a lot of power, as she made them with serious force, like I had asked her before the match). But, so far this was just the first part of the experience. While Amrita defeated me with her wrestling alone, she then added the little ingredient that I had originally ordered but was no longer sure if I was ready for it: Ball busting! So, first she started to pull down my panties and exposed my naked groin to her eyes. Then, while still wrestling me, she took full advantage of my unprotected, helplessly dangling man things and grabbed my balls there and then. During the fight, she increased the number and intensity of the attacks on my manhood, always combining it cleverly with her wrestling holds.

I realized that with her ball busting, it was so easy for her to dominate me! Amrita really has a good body condition, including a perfect coordination of her arm, leg and torso movements, so she managed to get me by the balls no matter in what position I was in. She would grab my balls while I was lying on the bed facing her, while I was lying on my stomach and she was behind me and from any other position. When she had pinned my on the bed and was over me, she drove her knee right into my helpless balls and delivered a great deal of pain into my body, shaking me around with a sensation of agony, sourness and nausea from my legs up to my stomach. Later then, Amrita set a turning point in our match and taught me a clear lesson: That I was not her opponent, but her victim! While her wrestling skills had weakened me, I couldn’t fight back much and needed to rest on the bed in between her actions. So, Amrita had all the time to position herself in different angles to my body. And this time, she chose the perfect position to attack by groin. So, while I was helpless on the bed, still resting, not seeing what she was doing, she suddenly drove her foot right into my balls! It was not a full-force kick (as this would have made me pass out for sure!), but her action was fast and targeted, her naked foot smashed my naked bollocks square.

This time, I couldn’t hold the pain but was rolling around on the bed, helplessly doubling up in a fetal position, cupping by seemingly bursting balls in my hand. I was not yet fainting, but I felt like the shock rushed from my groin up into my brain and took away all my fighting spirit. From that moment on, I didn’t fight back any more, as Amrita had just broken my will! No more male pride and ego that would force me to avoid being defeated by a woman! I just felt like a victim and this I was! The session went on, but it was total domination by Amrita, with me wondering how many different positions and holds she put me into!

During the now very one-sided match, another highlight occurred that I will never forget! It was a triple point hold that left me totally helpless under Amrita’s power: She had my arm in a straight arm-bar between her strong tights, like a perfect hold form Sports Judo – enough to make an average guy tap out. At the same time she’s got my throat in a leg scissors choke, so this was the advanced technique like they use in aggressive Ju-Jutsu / Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts. But even worse, as she had me in this hold, my naked groin was very exposed and in her easy reach. So, with the free arm of hers, she consequently put her hand down between my legs, grabbed my naked balls and squeezed them firmly, with even increasing power! I felt my male pride, my potential future kids and, thus, literally my life in her hand – and I experienced that she could have crushed my testicles easily! Off course Amrita controlled herself in order not to cause my testicles permanent damage, but I could feel that she had the power to destroy my little ones if she had decided to! When she used her fingernails and dug it into my balls, just for seconds, I felt like she would use a “Tiger claw” on my balls, so this made my cry for mercy till she released my hurting man things, at least for this moment! Despite, or maybe because of the pain, I can just say: This perfect hold alone, rendering me completely helpless at Amrita’s mercy, was worth the whole session!

But not enough! At a time I was no more able to fight back, Amrita even tied me to the bed. With her experience in rope Bondage, she easily trapped my arms and legs in the ropes and tied my up with my legs spread wide apart. Now, she had really turned me into a helpless victim, naked, tied up, exhausted and in severe ball pain. She grabbed, fondled and squeezed my helpless balls, she slapped them, kneed them and started to kick those precious little ones of mine, again. I whimpered “mercy” like a sissy boy and was close to speak out the safe word we had set up (“mate”, Japanese for “Momi”). But I tried to withstand her treatment even longer, as for a submissive femdom lover like me, it felt great being total under Amritas power. Amrita, in fact you have fulfilled me a dream with this great wrestling session and ball busting hell!

But before Amrita would release me, she first changed my dream into a nightmare. When I was tied up to the bed, with my balls already sour from her treatment, she decided to finish me with a Ball busting experience, I shall never forget. While I was helplessly tied up, with me legs wide spread and my naked balls being exposed to her, she delivered a hard kick right into those dangling man things of mine! The pain was so intense that I rolled around on the bed and doubled up while I was still tied up, pulling on the strings like hell. Amrita clearly saw that she had completely knocked me out, so she showed mercy and released the ropes, so I could eventually curl up my body in a fetal position, lying on the bed shocked, paralyzed and rather dizzy – suffering from a clear technical K. O., and very close to fainting from a full knock-out. So, Amrita really surprised and disappointed me! She surprised my with her physical power and excellent wrestling technique, with her expertise in bondage and her natural, quick and effective ballbusting attacks. And she disappointed me only regarding my own fighting ability, as she made me helpless within the first five minutes of the match. But honestly, this was why I booked the session with her, wasn’t it?

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