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American Fan

I recommend her to anyone wishing any type of session

I just had a scissor domination session with Amrita while she visited Atlanta.

She is sexy, better looking then her pictures, has a toned hard body, great looking legs, and the hardest most dominate scissor holds I have experienced. I asked her to make me beg, cry, scream and she accomplished all three (well tears), but close to crying. Her legs are sexy, powerful, and her ability to apply scissor holds is second to none.

I recommend her to anyone wishing any type of session. Her English is great, she makes sure you get what you seek, and has an awesome body, face and personality.

Hawaiian Fan

Her knowledge of wrestling holds is impressive

Just before our session began, she asked me what my fantasies were and then she started to apply various wrestling holds on me, always telling me beforehand what they were. She applied her holds with a little pressure and then gradually increased it until she could sense the pain was enough, at which point she would release me. She literally tied me up in knots, with grape-vines, figure-four leg locks and her very painful ‘Amrita special,’ which had me begging her to stop. Between wrestling holds there was plenty of face sitting, which she is an expert at. After awhile, she would pause, offer me some water and we would talk and relax – and then it was back to more wrestling holds and more pain.

When our session began, I noticed her large leg muscles but I was still a little skeptical as to whether she could knock a man out with a head scissors. She asked me to feel her leg muscles several times, especially when she was squeezing me to death. She told me that she does not lift weights or go to the gym but has naturally strong legs. Anyway, I found her head scissors -- figure-four, reverse, standing – you name it -- were devastating -- and she knows exactly how to apply them around the neck area. She could have knocked me out easily if she wanted to. Her final hold was a head scissors double-arm bar combo that had me completely immobilized – I could not move as hard as I tried, the only thing I could do was to either tap out or be knocked out. She just continued to apply pressure with her firm, smooth legs of steel until I nearly passed out and would have if she hadn’t released me at the last moment. After recovering for a few seconds, I turned to her and we each thanked each other for a wonderful session.

Amrita is a very polite, likeable, intelligent and attractive Japanese woman. She is very conversant in English. Her knowledge of wrestling holds is impressive and she is always aware of your safety. If I had to rank her on a scale from 1 to 10, she would be a 10. What a terrific and beautiful experience for me and one that I hope to repeat with her in the future.

English Fan

A wonderful woman to spend time with, you may become addicted

Had an amazing session with Amrita earlier this week, and feel compelled to write about it.

It’s been a life-long fantasy of mine to spend time with a skilful woman who can dominate me with her technique. I’ve never been interested in gimmicks like whips, cages etc, it’s always been the thought of a woman controlling me with just her body and skill which has really appealed. I became very attracted to Amrita having seen some of her online wrestling videos, and having read her reviews. Many of her holds looked quite imaginative and intricate, over and above just scissors, and I dared to hope that Amrita may just be the perfect lady for me.

I must admit, before the session, I was a little sceptical. I thought it quite likely that the men in the videos were probably exaggerating the pain, and were simply acting and playing along. Furthermore, I am a fairly big guy – 1.93m (that’s almost 6ft 4) and 200lb – so again I was worried that she would not be able to fully control and hurt me. How wrong I was! Within seconds of us starting, she had me completely immobilised and helpless. It was amazing that someone so much smaller and ostensibly less strong than I could have such control. Using her large repertoire of holds, she was able to lock me in various positions, and inflict as much pain as she wished. Within 20 minutes I was dazed and my head was spinning – I’ve never experienced a feeling like it – I was little more than a rag-doll in her hands. There were a number of times when she could have made me pass out had she so desired.

Fortunately(?), she then let me relax a little, and we slowly explored more holds which she carefully explained to me. I can now report that the guys in the videos do not need to fake it – her scissors for example are literally stunning – there is no defence, and the pain is as strong as she chooses. Many of her holds had me screaming and groaning to an extent that we worried about the neighbours! At one stage, I asked for a role-play interrogation – I was determined not to reveal anything and I wanted to see if she could really make me talk against my will. Well, as you might expect, it didn’t take long before she overcame my resistance and had me answering very intimate questions (stuff that I have never told another soul), while she had me locked in various painful holds.

This was particularly clever of her, because she identified the holds which would give me maximum pain, and therefore force me to talk, without risk of any real damage. However, it was not all pain and suffering. Amrita is a very pleasant, intelligent and attractive woman. I was surprised to find that many of her holds were extremely pleasurable – she knows very well how to use “carrot and stick” to have absolute control. Her smother, for example, was exquisite, and time just flew by.

I am still aching now, as I write about it. But it is a nice feeling, reminding me of the total power she had over me. It is still exciting to consider the numerous ways she was able to immobilise me. What is equally impressive, is how well controlled she was in applying her power – although she inflicted pain sufficient to make me weep, there is no bruising, marking or any other permanent damage. She was considerate and completely respectful of my limits.

If you fantasise about such women, I do encourage you to book a session with Amrita. It’s a tremendous experience. Be warned though – Amrita is a wonderful woman to spend time with and, like me, you may become addicted….

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