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Mistress Amrita holding a whip and wearing purple latex fetish dress

Mistress Amrita

I am a professional Japanese femdom based in Europe and Tokyo. I was interested in Domination since my late teens and it didn’t take long to be in the scene in Japan and have many submissive (sub) Fans.

I was born in Tokyo, grew up there, since 2002 I started to travel around the world to see all the beautiful things and have some amazing adventures and at the same time played with great number of BDSM fans in many countries.

As of 2017, I’ve been to more than 95 countries!

I am an extremely tough woman with a strong mind, despite my slim and charming looks.

I speak fluent English and I’m currently studying French.

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Travel Schedule

I frequently visit London, Zurich, Milano, Netherland, Paris and other European cities upon request....

Travel Schedule

Latest dates

02 - 08 London
09 - 11 Ski holiday
12 - 19 London
01 - 29 Tokyo
01 - 01 Bern
02 - 03 Ski in Switzerland
04 - 06 Vienna
07 - 14 London
15 - 19 Paris
20 - 21 Amsterdam
23 - 26 London
01 - 03 London
04 - 16 Holiday
17 - 24 London
28 - 29 Milan
30 - 31 Zurich

Latest Session Review

English Fan

Mistress Amrita is fantastic

When I first contacted Mistress Amrita about blackmail sessions on Skype, the scenario (details of which I won't go into, as they are too personal) was discussed over emails until it was completely clear what I was looking for. I was originally looking for a long-term blackmail arrangement over Skype with personal meeting mixed in. Unfortunately, due to a change in my personal circumstances, I was only able to have 4 Skype sessions with this wonderful, Mistress. I enjoyed them all thorou...

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