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Mistress Amrita holding a whip and wearing purple latex fetish dress

Mistress Amrita

I am a professional Japanese femdom based in Europe and Tokyo. I was interested in Domination since my late teens and it didn’t take long to be in the scene in Japan and have many submissive (sub) Fans.

I was born in Tokyo, grew up there, since 2002 I started to travel around the world to see all the beautiful things and have some amazing adventures and at the same time played with great number of BDSM fans in many countries.

As of 2017, I’ve been to more than 95 countries!

I am an extremely tough woman with a strong mind, despite my slim and charming looks.

I speak fluent English and I’m currently studying French.

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Travel Schedule

I frequently visit London, Zurich, Milano, Netherland, Paris and other European cities upon request....

Travel Schedule

Latest dates

01 - 04 London
05 - 06 Zurich
07 - 10 Ski Holiday
13 - 31 Tokyo
01 - 01 Milan
02 - 06 Paris
07 - 09 Ski in France
11 - 21 London
22 - 23 Amsterdam
25 - 28 London
01 - 02 London
03 - 03 Munich
04 - 07 Zurich
08 - 09 Ski holiday
10 - 12 Vienna
13 - 27 London
28 - 30 Ski in Italy
31 - 31 Milan
01 - 04 Amsterdam, Leiden
05 - 14 London
15 - 17 Holiday in Barcelona
18 - 31 London

Latest Session Review

French fan

Shibari rope bondage expert with creative nipple play technique

Review is In English (above) and In French (below)

Being lucky enough to be in Paris at the same time as Mistress Amrita, it did not take me long to contact her to plan a session.
Even with health related limits, she was very willing to session with me and made everything in her power to make it happen.
Mistress Amrita made me feel comfortable as soon as I met her and she was very friendly to communicate with.
Regarding the session, I was impress by the wid...

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